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Industrial safety and risk assessment Industrial safety and risk assessment

Hazard studies  

Do you exploit installations whitch present technological risks?
Are your hazard studies updated? With its strong experience in industrial risk management and its third expertise , Néodyme may help you in updating your Hazard studies in accordance with the rules in force as well as the resulting actions : updating contingency plan, establishing Technological Risks Prevention Plans, assistance in formalizing risk management...


Risk Analysis through HAZOP, FMEA  

Based on its technical and regulatory expertise, Néodyme proposes an assistance on your projects' risks management or on your installations, by completing  risk analysis throughout various methods, adapted to your context : HAZOP, FMEA, fault trees, QRA


Flood hazards  

Neodyme has acquired a deep experience in the engineering of french nuclear reactors (as a project stage or as exploited) : safety studies in the event of external hazards : flood, fire, heatwave, loss of heat sink, risk associated with the geosphere
Néodyme works on these specific problems and conducts impact assessments considering safety, the availability of the nuclear units and the definition of several means of protection/modification that should be done.


Safety studies for manufacturing processes, pipelines, or pyrotechnics  

Based on its technical and regulatory expertise, Néodyme proposes an assistance to complete specific studies such as : safety operation for the manufacturing process, safety/ hazard studies about pipelines, safety pyrotechnic study



ATEX Zone, DRPE classification  

An explosion on various workplaces might create serious material consequences  (material and human losses as well as the stoppage of the production chain).
Products that could generate an explosion are numerous:
Glues, paintings, ethanol, petrol, natural gaz, batteries, combustible dust (wood, sugar, paper, flour, cereals...)
Explosion Prevention, Risk assessment  are to be primarily targeted by the employer when these products are being manipulated in an enterprise.
Néodyme proposes to accompany you throughout these steps in order to help you comply with the french legislation.



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Fire hazard studies  

You would like to complete fire risk assessments?

Based upon its field experiences and its technical expertise, Neodyme may help you achieve your fire hazard analysis from measuring heat potentials, to sectorizing the area and recommending suitable fire fighting abilities.


Estimation of damages caused to third parties (SEVESO sites)  

Are the industrial plants you exploit, likely to result in serious accidents? Strenghtened by its experience in managing industrial risks, Néodyme may accompany you in the evaluation of industrial risks and the estimation of the amount of potential material damage to third parties.


Safety, safety engineering detection, protection from fire, gas and toxic compounds  


Based on its technical and regulatory expertise, Néodyme offers you various services, covering all of the obligations you have to fullfill in the management of your industrial risks.

Therefore, our engineers work together with you, in the aim of improving the health and safety of your employees at work and developing the level of safety of your plants in terms of detection and protection from fire and gas.


Earthquake hazards  

Néodyme contributes to determining earthwake hazards, in particular around classified installations and/or basic nuclear installations (BNI) in metropolitan France, especially by studying the neotectonic of the quaternary fault lines.


Emergency Organization  

Based on its feedback about experience and its technical expertise, Néodyme may help you in the management of crisis situations : establishing internal intervention plans for simple installations (PII) , simple pants, internal operation plan (IOP), emergency response plan (ERP) for your projects or your existing industrial plants, pipelines' surveillance program, Marine Contingency Plan (or for Canals), Council Emergency Action Plans for the collectivities, Specific Precautionary Safety Measures Plan in educational facilities or any other specific emergency plan customised to your activities and installations.