Engineering, Expertise
and Industrial Risk Management


Environment Environment

Health Impact assessments (HIA)  

Néodyme has all the technical expertise needed to help you in the assessment of your industrial plant health risks, for all kinds of nuisances (airborne emissions, water emissions, noise, odours, etc). Neodyme assesses health risks, especially in the context of ICPE Dossiers, depending of the methodology recommended by INERIS on the quantitative health risks assessment.  Néodyme ownes and masters the ARIA Impact software, whitch is widely used and known for modelling the dispersal of the long term airborn emissions.

Contaminated land and Geology, hydrogeology,  

Neodyme contributes to the modelisation studies of migrating radiactive or chemical substances by porous media transport or reactive transport.


Waste analysis  

You would like to provide or optimise waste analysis, waste recycling and waste recovering ?
Néodyme may offer you its services in the different steps of this approach : initial analysis, support, research for waste-to-energy processes, waste document management (BSDD) , training ...


Acoustics, studies to reduce noise levels at source  

Noise management, often neglected, is part of our expertise. Our acoustic studies enable us to assess and limitate noise effects on workers and environnement.
Modelling software enable us to establish existing noise situations, to plan situations within the project, to determine the right optimizations and dimensioning in order to be in accordance with regulation.
Neodyme participates in the control and reduction of noise on work places.


Industrial facility modernisation plan  

You work on containers or pressure piping, storage tanks for flammable/hazardous liquids, transport and storage facilities of fuel gas, hydrocarbons or chemical products? You have, in this way, diked areas, supports of pipelines, piping works? To ensure the safety of these installations, you also have security instruments? These installations and equipments are part of the Industrial facility modernisation plan. To face the ageing of these installations, an adequate supervision has to be fixed. Neodyme, strengthened by its technical experience, accompanies you in the identification of your regulatory obligations, the establishment of the initial state, the establishment of inspection/monitoring plans, identification and evaluation of several means in risks management.


Greenhouse gas reviews  

Greenhouse gas reviews is a regulatory obligation for the one who employes more than 500 individuals in metropolitan France or over 250 individuals for the over seas regions and departements (in accordance with article 75 of Law n°2010-788, 12 july 2010, establishing a National Commitment regarding the Environment)
The first review had to be completed before the 31 th of december 2012 and must be updated every 3 years. It consists of estimating the direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse (CO2,CH4,N2O,SF6...)associated with your industry activities. An Industry Emissions Reduction Plan also have to be done. In your enterprise, this tool enables the monitoring and implementation of a reduction strategy for greenhouse gas.
Neodyme may conduct your greenhouse gas review or, according to your specific needs, accompanies you through training, coaching, for you to become autonomous in this approach.


Solvent/emissions management plans  

The solvant management plan is a regulatory obligation for all the over one ton solvant consumers, according to the amended order or the 2nd of february 1998. Regulation enables operators who already are submitted to the assessment of a solvent management plan, to complete an emissions management plan. Beyond responding to the regulatory, the solvent management plan might be an incredible management tool to manage the solvents used, to search how, within the enterprise, their consumption could be reduced and their registration could be improved.
Neodyme can offer you the assessment of this plan, as well as the emissions management one, and can also train one of your employees to work and complete these plans on his own, every year. Therefore, Neodyme may propose you several tools to complete the solvent management plan that can freely be used in your interprise later then.