Engineering, Expertise
and Industrial Risk Management


Regulatory Regulatory

Customised and dedicated regulatory intelligence in health, safety, the environment and radiation protection  

You would like to know your regulatory obligations in the fields of Health, Security, Environment and radioprotection, or need assistance with regulatory problems?
Neodyme should likely be able to complete a customised and dedicated regulatory intelligence thanks to qualified engineers who will be dedicated to this mission. 


Compliance analysis and associated action plans : environmental and labour laws, rulings, etc  

Your activities are being more and more impacted by the every day evolvement of regulation in the fields of Environment, Health and safety at work. You would like to be aware of your level of compliance with regulation and implement actions in this regard.
With its experience in the domains of compliance analysis and in various other business sectors, Néodyme accompanies you to build a suitable  tool, to complete an exhaustive compliance analysis and to propose prioritized actions.