Engineering, Expertise
and Industrial Risk Management


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NEODYME is an independent consulting and engineering company, and provides services in the field of industrial risks.

NEODYME was created in the beginning of 2005 from the association of 5 ingeneers who wanted to pool their experiences acquired in the areas of nuclear industry, oil and chemistry industries.

NEODYME ‘s annual effective is about 100 employees (+ 20 employees at International).

The expertise and experience of the founding managers and the employees are used to support manufacturers, communities and administrations in the aim of helping them in their safety, environmental, health approaches, from the plants’ conception to their exploitation and dismantling.

NEODYME masters a number of methodologies and tools that are necessary to carry out entrusted investigations or services relying on pluridisciplinary staff.

NEODYME works in France (5 agencies and 2 offices) and internationally  (One agency in New Caledonia)

NEODYME also has a research and development agency.

Since 2011, 2 managers are now heading activities in mainland France, as 2 other managers head the international ones.

In mainland France, 6 branch managers and 6 development officers now manage NEODYME’s activities.


NEODYME is a SARL with a capital of 125 000 €, registered on the Register of Commerce under its 478 720 931 00052 business identification  number (SIRET) and its APE 7112B code.